General Information about WeWed IV

What: A 2 day workshop & luncheon (learning & networking) for wedding industry professionals
When: Monday August 22nd & 23rd, 2011
Where: The Resort at Marina Village, Cape Coral, FL
Investment: $75 (early bird) available through 12/9 click here, limited availability
Details: Read this---> It's time to take note.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

WeWed Recap

WeWed was a great success! We received so much great & useful feedback. I truly hope that everyone learned and are taking action! I am so excited for WeWed V coming to you this summer as a Multi-Day Event August 22nd & 23rd.  We're bringing in BIG speakers for the summer session, so be prepared! Thank you again to Marina Village Resort for the great spaces and food and to Maria Glassford for the awesome photo documentary!
Kelly McWilliams

Here I am kicking off the morning with a little WeWed Pep Talk.  Two laptops, that's how we roll.

Robert Dilallo
Rob did an excellent job speaking about the preparations that need to be taken prior to the wedding day and answering questions about being a DJ, and what that actually entails.  It was eye opening to learn what he has to do to provide the excellent service that he does.
Paige Simpson, Josh Daxtator & Robert Dilallo (Sue Bain & Jennifer Dube is the background)
WeWed helped all of us learn more about each others needs and wants when working with their clients. The time to chat between workshops was just as important as the education.
Jamie Lee, Nanette, Karl, Staci
 I think we can all chat about weddings for days.  Even meeting for the first time, we all have something in common as business owners in the wedding industry.
Heather Canada & Tanya Hendricks
Our new colleagues and friends from "Up-North.  It's great to know that we can reach outwith our common interests.
Rob Epple
 Rob tweeting about the day & behind the scenes videography knowledge.  He started the day with 3 columns, I wonder if he now has 10 (tweetdeck)?
Rob Epple & Sue Bain
 Social networking is a great way to get your name known to potential clients via professional relationships around the world- for FREE.
Tanya Hendricks & Courtney Shaw
 I loved seeing a veteran like Tanya sitting right next to a brand new professional. I also love that they both look just as focused on what they're hearing!
Michael Owen
Michael does a great job explaining what a wedding day timeline means to a photographer, and what happens after the wedding with the client.

Staci Mandikas, Karl & Nanette Rouwhorst

Paige Simpson, Josh Daxtator & Robert Dilallo

Krista Kowalczyk, Josh Daxtator, Robert Dilallo & Micheal Cole
Everyone did a great job adding to the discussion about vendors, time-lines & social networking for weddings
Josh Daxtator & Robert Dilallo
Truly, it was a great day.  Thanks to everyone who came, and I look forward to seeing you all again at WeWed V, Summer Session. Mark your calendars now!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Social Media works. These pros say yes.

Curious if Social Media actually works?  Today I asked....
This is absolutely one of the most discussed subjects in industry business these days; whether or not the time investment into social media is worth it. Well, all these people were quick to say yes...
Successful wedding professionals give a resounding, "Yes!"
Proof that social media works, how & why will be one of our workshops at WeWed V this summer. Be sure to keep August 22-23 open to attend!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Promo Code

Because I am so excited about moving our planning studio into The Resort at Marina Village next month, here's a promo code that will get you $15 off registration for WeWed IV! Valid TODAY only (12/30).
Promo code: 15off
Click here to register

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter Two: Inspiration

Inspiration leads to Investment which leads to profits and/or growth
Did you ever think of it that way? Pretty simple huh? It's not always just a new client that brings revenue, sometimes its an outside factor that got you thinking. A new idea perhaps. A new or improved way to do something. Sometimes just a visual gets the gears spinning in your head. Sometimes its a great story. This chapter will be about finding the inspiration that will unlock potential investments for you. This chapter I am so excited comes with a big fat surprise at the end. Don't ask, I'm not giving up the goods. You have to attend!
Register here...just a few days and a few seats left.

Photo by Sam Brockinton

Friday, December 10, 2010

I need help: Do you know your business?

What I am most excited about WeWed IV is that its going to be completely and totally interactive.  Everyone who attends will be involved.  Why?  Because nobody knows the wedding industry like we do - the working professionals.
Chapter One: Be Reminded

This first chapter will be all about what we know about our businesses and what we may need to be reminded of.  We got to where we are now because we were doing something right in the beginning.  Have you forgotten what that was? This chapter will also  be about reminding ourselves of what it is like for our clients when they meet and work with us.  Prepare for a wake up call.

And this is where I ask for help.  I need one person attending from each "wedding category" to be a part of a panel.  I promise that you won't be asked to divulge any secrets.  But feel free to share them.  Everyone likes a good secret.  To be eligible, you must have 3 years or 36 weddings experience.  To become part of the panel, please email me: Kelly{at} or DM me on twitter: @WeddingTidbits.
Panelists will be invited to a special breakfast and will be highlighted on this blog.

I'd like the panel to consist of the following: Planner, Videographer, Florist, Photographer, Venue Coordinator, Baker, Officiant, DJ/Musician (or entertainment broker), Wedding Media/PR specialist, Stationery designer/provider, Hair/Makeup stylist, Bridal salon stylist, Specialty rental representative, transportation representatives...get the gist (it's everyone)?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spread the cheer and see your ROI

ROI= Return on investment.  Most of the time you're talking about a financial or time investment.  Wouldn't it be great if we recognized what the ROI on being nice was?
So, today I'm going to give you the opportunity to spread the cheer and track your ROI on it. For today ONLY you can reserve your seat and gift another industry professional a seat for just $25.  Both seats must be reserved today in one order.  When you register, you will receive an email with a special promo code to enter for one on the final payments that will zero it out!
Imagine the cheer you'll be bringing.  Joy like this...
I think you'll find that this investment will go much farther than you can imagine! Oh and yes, you can bet I'll be calling you out for being nice! Reserve your 2 seats here: Nice Click
Photo Credit: Ashley Brockinton Photography official photographer for WeWed II and III