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What: A 2 day workshop & luncheon (learning & networking) for wedding industry professionals
When: Monday August 22nd & 23rd, 2011
Where: The Resort at Marina Village, Cape Coral, FL
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Workshop Briefing: The Style Plan

Having a strongly defined and consistent image

All wildly successful businesses share at least one common dynamic: Image.  A great image at that.  And if you haven't realized it already, when it comes to the wedding industry, image is the FIRST (and sometimes last) thing that potential clients consider when selecting their vendors.
Creating an image is not a quick and easy find, but rather a development consisting of many aspects.  Sometimes, we find that we've left out or misinterpreted some of these aspects when we're defining our businesses.  So this workshop is to help us realize, confront, and define what can and perhaps should be done to create a great image for ourselves and our businesses.

Presented by Jeannine Kennedy
Jeannine Kennedy, The Stylish Planner
The objective of The Style Plan is to clearly show the importance of having a strongly defined and consistent image.    The presentation will discuss three key areas of image:
  1. Virtual image: Website, Blog, Online Ads, and Social Media
  2. Business Collateral: Cards, Stationery, Brochures, Books, Albums, etc. and their packaging
  3. Personal Image: You, the person - outward and inward
The Style Plan topics:
  • Overall image case studies of 3 successful individuals
  •  Looking the part- why image matters and should be consistent
  • How your website, blog, and social media use convey your image to others
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